According to LA Times today,  ” The Super bug outbreak at UCLA , an 18 years-old patient accused a major device maker of negligence for selling a medical scope prone to spreading deadly bacteria.

Aaron Young, a high school student still hospitalized at UCLA for his infection, sued Olympus Corp. of the Americas in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleging negligence and fraud.

The teenager was exposed to a contaminated Olympus duodenoscope at UCLA in October and again i January, according this lawsuite.

CRE, which stands for carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, is highly resistant to antibiotics and can kill up to 50% of infected patient. ” ..

UCLA has sid seven patients were infected with CRE from scopes made by Olympus, a unit of the Japanese electonics giant. The infections contributed to the deaths of two of those patients , the university said , and 179 other patients may have been exposed fromOct 2 to Jan 28. “