What Our Clients Say

  • Dana Point, CA
  • 11/12/2014

Nicholas Allis is a rare breed; an honest lawyer who tells it as it is. I spent months searching for a lawyer that is not only competent in the malpractice case I was in but also has good character. Malpractice lawsuits are long and tedious and they often take at least 18-24 months to resolve so finding a lawyer with a personality that is likable yet honest was very important to me. Nick Allis was that one!

Not only is Nick Allis intelligent but he is extremely humble and honest which is very rare to find from someone of his impressive educational background; Yale University and Georgetown Law School. He worked extremely hard at my case and spent several hours reviewing records and discussing cases with experts in the industry. He gave me comfort during a stressful period in my life with his dedication and advocacy for my injury. I appreciate his hard work and support and give him the highest recommendation possible.

I highly recommend him for all your personal injury cases and I will definitely refer to him again if needed.


First to Review

Was dropped by my previous lawyer, and could not find a new lawyer to take my case.  It was getting rather close to my trial date and I needed to figure out how to get a dismissal filed and granted before I ended up being liable for major court fees. Mr. Allis, though unable to take up my case, gave me detailed directions on how to get the dismissal taken care of quickly. As well, he drafted the form I would need and made sure I had the appropriate boxes checked for my specific situation.  It is not often you will find a lawyer who will take the time to help a person with this sort if thing, when they are receiving no monetary incentive.

Even though he said my case would lose in court, I still found him to be an extremely intelligent lawyer and someone who displayed intimate knowledge of the law.  If you are going to win a case, you will need someone who will anticipate all doubt the defense will cast on your accusations, and someone who will take the time to carefully listen to every detail of your story.  Mr. Allis is most definitely that someone.


My experience with Mr. Nicholas Allis so far has been outstanding. Mr. Allis came highly recommended to me by a friend in my search for an attorney to represent me in a potential medical negligence action.

My background is that I have very rarely sought the services of any type of attorney and honestly was not expecting the greatest experience based on pre-conceived notions and anecdotal stories from friends. It did not help in that for the 20 other attorneys that I contacted, more than half did not even give me the courtesy of a reply. And only a few took the time to call me to actually discuss the parameters of my case.

Not so with Mr. Allis. He contacted me immediately and we have had several fruitful conversations about the particular merits of my case. While we have not yet determined to go forward with the lawsuit, Mr. Allis has provided me with important advise on the legal aspects of my case, helped me to organize and document facts, identify key medical records required, and discussed my prospects informally with his medical experts. He even went as far as to submit a Notice of Intent to the doctor in question when the 1-year Statue of Limitations was fast approaching. Mr. Allis has done all of this work to this point with no charge whatsoever to me.

Honestly, at the end of the day, what really matters is: will I win my legal action and will my attorney be compensated for the effort?  But going forward or not, I believe that Nick has empathy for my position and truly feels that the doctor has done me a great disservice. I think that the combination of experience, competency, and compassion is probably rare in any profession. And for that reason I would highly recommend that you at least give Nick a call if you are considering any kind of medical malpractice action.

John S.